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Swinging milf Kristen invited a bunch of her like minded friends over for game night. The catch phrase of the evening was a ‘naked wii’ competition. Those who lost had to take off an article of clothing. Sounds fun right? Well the guys started winning too much so they were banned from playing and it was all about the girls after that. After some exciting rounds of boxing, the clothes are off and a winner announced! With all this fun and nudity it was easy to see where these swingers went to next. The guys were still banned, so it was only the five milf sluts, all getting down on each other. At least the guys got one hell of a show.

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California milfs Sophia and Francesca are gossiping at home, when the doorbell rings unexpectedly. It’s her son’s buddy Chris. He came by to talk to him, but he’s out somewhere. She invites him in for a drink and he accepts. Once inside Sophia gets a good look at him, and these horny MILFs have been starving for some young stud cock. Who would say no to some hot milf pussy, even if it means being treated like a piece of meat, in order to get in the middle of a milf threesome?

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I invited my girlfriend Persia over since she’s clearly upset with something. Very first thing she confides to me is that her husband is not satisfying her in bed, and that his small cock is becoming a big problem. I immediately suggested my boy toy Justin Long as his big cock was just a phone call away. So he came racing over and let Persia see it, but soon after her husband shows up looking for her. I had to act fast to keep her out of trouble…

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My friend was throwing another poker game and likes to hire a hottie to serve as dealer. Helps bring in more players and keep the game lively. I was really attracted to this one, some single blonde milf from around down the block, so I put out the charm and kept chill with the booze. I did very well that night. After cleaning out the table in poker and the guys went home, I challenged that hot mommy to a game of winner take all. I brought out my lucky coin which really was a double sided quarter. I bet her tails for her tail. If I lost she gets to keep all the money I won that night. Obviously I won the toss and she held up her end, giving me a piece of that fine milf pussy. Great night.

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Lisa Ann is out shopping when she is spotted by the infamous Milf Hunter. He went in and used a tried and true method: he pretended he worked there and asked if he could help with her purchases. I don’t know if she really believed him or what, but he’s a smooth talker, and after about 10 minutes of chit chat and flirting, she was down for whatever. So they hightailed it back to his place and found out she was just as horny to fuck as he was! She stripped down and unleashed those big titties before getting down to suck some cock. Soon she was dripping wet from the naughtiness of fucking a stranger and let the Hunter tap her sweet milf pussy from behind till she shudders in the pleasure of it.