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We drove by a yard sale and spotted this sexy brunette mom who was out there peddling her junk. We stopped and I was flirting with her when I ran across a box of sex toys. She was very embarrassed but I asked her how much she would charge me for all of it and that broke the ice. I paid top dollar on one condition… she would have to show me how she uses these sex toys. We paid this busty milf enough to close down her yard sale and we went into her house. I think the whole idea of showing her toys and talking about sex to a stranger turned her on, cause after I made my move she was all over my cock and I plugged that milf pussy good. I kept the toys as a memento of my latest conquest as the Milf Hunter.

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Kenna’s girlfriends decided to surprise her on her birthday and hired a male stripper to show up as a cop to ‘arrest’ her during their little party. The guy who showed up turned out to be hot and a good dancer and these girls had a good time during his show. A REAL good time. They had some naughty dares that were answered, and before he knew it the stripper was having his dick sucked by these horny moms and asked who was the best. He played it off and soon they were offering up some milf pussy to get judged too.

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Adrianna Nicole is gardening on all fours. Then her boy toy Ramon comes out of nowhere and just starts groping her sexy mom boobs. Knowing him and his ways she knew he wanted to pound her sweet milf pussy. She let him undress her right in the back yard and let me tell you the milf sex was of epic proportions. Ramon banged her so hard her pussy squirted the whole 9 yards. Fucking Adrianna with those Monster Curves and her big titties was an utter pleasure I’m sure.

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Sexy milfs Kristen and Bree have their dates over for a quiet night of dinner and a movie. Well, when they mean quiet, they mean a small sex party of sucking and fucking. Kristen and Bree have been swinging milfs for years, and tonight they’re going to unleash their hormones on these lucky bastards. Kristen is up first, swallowing a hefty cock before Bree sucks the cock on her date. Lots of oral foreplay before these horny milf sluts watch each other get fucked right in the living room.

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An angry milf boss calls in one of her workers to her office to yell at him for not being productive. He pleads to keep his job, offering to do anything. She’s a horny single mom, so this aggressive milf pushes him down to kiss her aching pussy. Then she sucks him and savors his ball sack before sliding his dick between her big titties. He bends her over the desk to fuck her doggy style, but she wants control. She climbs on top to ride him cowgirl, and he keeps it up long enough for her to cum. At least he’s good for something!

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We headed to the store for some food but were were more hungry for some milf ass when we chanced across this really sexy blonde milf with a broken car. She told us her car won’t start so I offered to give her a ride in our Milf Cruiser… I don’t know squat about cars, I just wanted to get in her good graces. I did some flirting and got the feeling she wasn’t too solid with her husband, so I hinted at some sort of reward for helping her out. I think the mysterious stranger fantasy turned her on, cause it was rather easy to feel up her milf tits on the way home, and since her husband wasn’t home we kept fooling around and I got to bang some seriously sweet milf pussy.

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I was just having lunch at this local cafe when I saw this fine looking brunette milf sitting down at the next table. She really grabbed my attention because she was checking me out. It turned out she was responding to a personal ad for adult hookups at Fling and had mistaken me for the guy she was to meet. I played along cause I was down for milf dating too. Screw that other guy! She chose here because her family owned the cafe and she was running it with her sister, so it was a comfortable place for her. After an hour of talk this sexy milf took me to the back room and had her way with me. I put whip cream all over her boobs and sucked them clean before pounding her milf pussy with my meat pipe. I gotta check that milf dating site out!