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We spotted this sexy milf at the parking lot where she just dropped off her kids, so we rolled up told her we are new to the area and asked if she can give us a tour of downtown. She was wise to us and knew we were just hunting some milf pussy, but she turned out to be a hot cougar and was definitely down for hooking up with a younger stud like myself!

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I went to grab a footlong hot dog from this restaurant that serves them Chicago style, but this blonde milf Jordan Kingsley was there visiting from up north. She ordered the last footlong and I was stuck, so I started talking to her and offered her a big juicy steak back at my house if she would share that footlong with me. I was dropping some innuendos and she caught on quickly and was up for a good time. At my place we got it on and I parted that milf pussy with extra cock to spare.

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Sometimes a sexy milf just isn’t appreciated… like Brenda, her husband is a jerk. We talked to her today and she told us that her husband still hasn’t fixed her car, so we offered her a ride. She bitched about him a lot, then she caught me looking at her sexy cleavage and asked if I wanted to really see her boobs. Naturally I said yes, and then I got to ask if I could touch them. She said yes, and within a minute she was gagging on cock as we detoured back to my place where I pleased this blonde milf in ways her husband couldn’t.

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I went to pick up my order at this local Greek restaurant and saw Persia Mohir there. She’s an aspiring food critic who was there rating the eatery and happens to be a single mommy with very big boobs. I started talking to her but she quickly stated she was always busy writing reviews and really didn’t have much time to socialize between her job and her kid. Milf Hunter alert! I agreed and told her I didn’t have time to socialize either, wink, wink. She must have believed we were kindred spirits since she warmed up to me after that. She must have been related to the owner or something, cause we were able to stay after the restaurant manager left and we locked the door behind him. I was all over her juicy big titties in a heartbeat and I had her review my Tzatziki testicle sauce.

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I went to a laundromat to wash some bedding, and when I opened a machine I saw a sexy red g string and the sexy milf who just emptied the machine rushed over to grab it and she was very embarrassed. She was a busty blonde big tit mom that was looking fine, so I made a joke and some small talk to make her feel much more comfortable. She must have liked me, because I convinced her to come back to my apartment for a drink. We finished our loads and headed out to my place, where I got a glimpse of those big titties and started to work up my own load… which I dumped all over her nice ass. Hot damn the Milf Hunter strikes again!

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My friend noticed by beer gut so convinced me to meet his personal trainer. She introduced herself as Loona and got right to work on getting me in shape. Naturally I resisted this and all I could focus on anyway was her huge boobs. She noticed and liked the attention, so I asked her how much for a house call and she said the first one is free. I got her back to my pad and showed her my backyard trampoline and when those big titties began bouncing the Milf Hunter pounced. I fucked her latina pussy right on that trampoline, good thing no neighbors could see!

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I was stoked to pick up my new boat and head to the Florida Keys for the weekend. I got to the marina but it wasn’t ready like promised. No repairs had even started. I found out that the owner got divorced and skipped town. He left so fast his ex-wife Gigi didn’t know the details of the deal. She was just as frustrated as I was. I told if she got it done in two days we would be good, otherwise I walk. She told me that she would meet up later for a drink to make things good. Of course I showed up, she was a sexy milf after all, but she did not want a drink. She wanted some attention she was not getting from her worthless ex. I started touching her big titties and everything else came together except her clothes. They came completely off. Gigi will have me coming back for sure.