Granny Silvie Likes the Boys

Let’s face it, there are fake tits and then there are fake tits and the pair this women is sporting is terrible. I’m pretty sure the idea with fake tits is not so that they look completely fake, but rather quite the opposite. It looks like someone just plopped two balls of silicone on her chest. I’m sure they look great in a dress but not like this.

That said, this granny is older than you might expect, probably older than I think too as I can’t find any info on her in the places where pretty much every pornstar’s details are kept. It’s like no one could give a fuck.

Her name is Silvie Sunny by the way and I have to say that she is in amazing shape for a mature woman. I bet her peers are not only envious of the amount of cock she is still getting but of her good looks too.

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