Preparing your dear husband for chastity

Most couples make the long journey through life together. They face many challenges and some do not make it through them as well as others do. Life is about the most challenging thing that we can face. You can choose to jump over those hurdles or you can barge through them not knowing what’s on the other side of them.

Preparing husband for chastity is not something that you should take lightly and nor is it a choice that all couples are going to make. I feel this is more directed at those of us who don’t exactly fit into the normal bounds that society expects us to.

Control is always going to be on the table and men and women are always going to think that they know how to control it the best. They often make this mistake without ever realizing just what becomes of it. When a woman has a serious discussion with her husband about something as delicate as this she needs to show him that she has his best intentions at heart and trust me that isn’t so easy.

The male testosterone is going to flow freely and objection will come to the surface. Showing them that this is the way forward in the relationship will ultimately make you the woman that you know you are and have always been. Tread softly, take it in slow steps and as long as you show your true passion this will work out in the way that serves you the best!