Short Hair is Suddenly Sexy

Long hair is pretty and it used to be my preference on women, but as I get older, that is no longer as important. In fact, short hair can look incredibly sexy on the right woman. I was surprised when I caught myself feeling this way. I used to be firmly on Team Long Hair.

The Walking Dead is a show that I have actually been watching from the beginning. One day, out of the blue, I suddenly realized I’d take Carol over Maggie. Both of them at once would be my real preference, but if I had to choose, it would be Carol all the way. It was a big change from when the show first started and I thought she was ugly as hell. I guess the bad assery that she evolved into upped her sex appeal by about 1,000%. I’m not fond of her longer hair this season either.

Ryan Keely is another great example of a hottie with short gray hair. Her sex appeal is through the roof and she shows you far more of herself than Melissa McBride ever reveals. With this $10 off FTV MILFs discount offer, you can watch Ryan get up to all kinds of explicit awesomeness. No zombies, just beautiful tits and pussy.