This One’s a Brainless Bimbo

Some MILFs just get it completely wrong, like this one in pic.

I’m actually quite curious how it happens that you think that your plastic surgery has made you look better when it’s made you look like this. Her top lip is so over Botox’ed it’s not even funny and I bet when she speaks it actually looks funny because I have seen that happen too often.

If it was even possible for tits to look like crap then hers would qualify. She’s lying on her side and yet they’re still just pointing straight forward as if she was standing up because they are unnaturally firm. it’s like two lumps of clay covered with skin and you can see the scars under her nipples from outer space.

This bimbo is not a fair representation of how hot the MILFs are on the site or network I can tell you that straight up.

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